Gather Wellness Complex – Hanoi, Vietnam (Spa)


"PouchNATION helped us to combine 3 in 1 different concepts and deliver the full experience of Gather.

“Eat. Move. Chill. Repeat.” This is what GATHER is all about."


PouchNATION allows Gather Spa to offer and manage a wide range of membership options.

Guests can purchase pre-loaded credit which can be used for anything within the venue, or choose spa or class packages with a defined number of claimable items.

Guests simply tap their card to clam their meal, class or spa package, offering a contactless, seamless experience.

Café Del Mar – Kuta, Bali (Beach Club) 


As one of the most famous and established beach club brands in the world, Café Del Mar provides VIP level table service to large crowds during its regular events.


Using PouchNATION’s cashless platform, Café Del Mar guests are able to easily claim pre-loaded VIP packages, enjoy access into VIP areas and experience faster service. Wait staff has the ability to charge guests' cashless cards at the table with PouchNATION's mobile devices and the order is sent and printed immediately to the kitchen. This not only speeds up service dramatically, resulting in increased spending,  but also eliminates per-transaction payment gateway fees.

Siembra Hostel – Minca, Colombia (Hostel)

Using PouchNATION, the Hostel can easily manage both its long term guests as well as one-day arrivals.

Guests have the convenience of ordering anywhere within the venue, even within the pool, whilst the venue can easily and simultaneously manage both its pre-paid and post-paid guests.