Once you have successfully activated your account, you will be asked to log-in using the email address and password you have provided. Please be reminded that the login credentials provided will be used for both the venue dashboard and the device venue app.

We will show you the log-in page depending on the staff designation: Manager Log-in, Staff Log-in and Manager with multiple venues.

Manager Log-in

Once a manager logs in, they can automatically access all features of the venue dashboard.

Staff Log-in

Once a staff logs in, they will only see their assigned roles. Unlike managers, they would not be able to explore other venue dashboard features, however they can use the device venue app and log in using their activated wristbands. 

Manager Log-in with Multiple Venues

A manager’s email can be added to multiple venues especially if their venue has multiple branches. After providing the email address and password on the initial log-in page, the next screen will allow managers to select the specific venue they want to navigate.