Invite New Staff

Once you click save, the system will automatically send an invite to the nominated staff email.


For staff who doesn’t have an account on the dashboard yet, they will receive an email notification to activate their account. For staff who already have an active account, they will be asked to log-in to the dashboard.

Roles, Designation, and Allowed Payment Methods

  • Manager – will be able to access ALL features of the dashboard and device venue app. 
  • Sell on POS – staff will be able to sell products, redeem vouchers on venue app but would not be able to explore venue dashboard features.
  • Top-up Credits and Return Credits – staff will be able to load up credits and refund credits of the guest wristband.
  • Register Guest – staff will be able to register and activate the guest wristband
  • Allowed Payment Method – allows staff to be assigned to a specific payment method.