Once the staff successfully logs in to the app at the start of the shift, he/she will be asked to enter the opening balance or change funds to make sure that it will tally with the end-of-day cash/reports. This page ONLY shows up if the staff is assigned to "Top-up" or "Refund Credits" wherein the staff is working with cash during his shift.

Staff can start selling by clicking Open Shift. The three-dotted on the upper right side acts as a dropdown menu that gives you an option to:

  • Lock the app - the app is as stated locked and can only be unlocked by the staff who locked it
  • Switch Account - switching from one user to another by logging in
  • Logout 

After clicking Open Shift, you will be directed to the "Opening Balance" page. On this page, users need to input the staff/manager’s Opening balance or change funds.

•Users will then be asked to confirm your Opening Balance/ Change fund. Click Yes to proceed.