1. What you need to get started

  • Chosen Form Factor
  • Compatible Device
  • Stable Internet Connection - to sync data from the dashboard to the app and vice versa.
  • Working Email Address - the venue manager must provide at least one email address to their PouchNATION account managers to activate the dashboard.
  • PouchVENUE Mobile App

2. Setting up Dashboard

The venue manager will receive an invite from PouchNATION to activate his/her account. Once the account is activated, the venue manager may then Log-in into the dashboard and start setting up the functions needed for the venue.

Product / Inventory Management Setup

The manager may start creating products, categories, locations, discounts needed for the venue.

Inviting New Staff

Venue Managers will also be able to add and invite their Staff and assign a designated role for them.

Voucher Redemption / Discounts

Venue Managers can create, track, and manage vouchers and discounts for guests.

**For other features and detailed guidelines on how to the Venue dashboard, click here.

3. Installing the Venue App

After setting up the dashboard, the venue manager or staff may then proceed with downloading and installing the Venue App to their devices.

4. Logging In to the App

Once the app is successfully installed, the venue manager or staff can now log in using the email address registered in the dashboard. View log-in guidelines here.

5. PouchVENUE App Features

After successfully logging in to the NFC device, both managers and staff may then use the app depending on the roles designated to them. Below are some of the basic and fundamental features of the PouchVENUE App.

Register Guests

Cashless Solutions

One of the main features of the app is being able to top-up, purchase using credits or even refund the remaining balance on the guest tag.

Voucher Redemption

Aside from purchasing items using credits, users can also claim items using vouchers (if applicable).

**For other features and detailed guidelines on how to the Venue App, click here.