How do I sign up and sign-in on the dashboard?

For detailed guidelines, click the following links: Activate your Dashboard and Logging In.

How to add a menu for my Bar / Restaurant / Cafe?

All the selling vendors, bars, and restaurants are referred to in the system as "Location". Managers may create several menus for each location. To view full and detailed guidelines, click here.

How to add staff to my venue?

Only managers with access to the dashboard are able to add staff. Make sure that your staff has a working e-mail address in order for them to accept your invitation. Full details can be found here.

What is the difference between Staff and Manager access?

Managers have access to all the features of the dashboard and mobile app. They have the capability to edit, add or delete any products, locations, vouchers, etc. Staff, on the other hand, only have access to roles designated to them (eg: Sell on POS, Register Guest, Top-up/Refund Credits).

How to add items to be sold by my vendor?

Managers will be able to add items to the dashboard

How to categorized items of a vendor?

Managers can categorize the menu for easier access which is referred to in the system as "Product Categories". For example, ice cream, cakes, and cookies can be all under the Dessert category. Click here to see the step-by-step guide on how to categorize products.

How to view the Transaction list?

The transaction list is viewable in both the dashboard and app. Click the following links to see a detailed guide:

What is the voucher for?

Vouchers are considered an electronic stub that may be added to the guest tag or preloaded depending on the Guest Profile. These vouchers, just like credits, can be used to purchase items inside the venue.

How to view the remaining vouchers left on a guest tag?

To view the remaining vouchers in a tag, go to the "Scan Tab" on your venue app. Select "Manage Tag" and then tap the NFC Tag. Users will then be able to view the remaining voucher quantity left in a tag.

How to create a voucher?

Managers can create a voucher on the venue dashboard. To view a step-by-step guide, click here.

How to check my venue devices?

The device list can be viewed on the venue dashboard under the "Device" Tab. Managers may also edit the device name for easier identification.

I edited an item on the dashboard but it is not showing on my POS, what should I do?

Once a manager, update or edit anything on the dashboard. Make sure that you also update your device by going to the "Venue" tab and selecting "Venue Data Update". In this way, all changes made in the dashboard will also reflect on the POS.

How to log in to the PouchVENUE app?

For detailed guidelines, click the following links: Logging in to the POS

How to pair the NFC tag to my/my staff's account?

Upon logging in to the app, the user will be asked to pair his/her NFC Tag. Click here to see screenshots and guidelines on how to pair NFC Tag to your account.

Managers may also pair a staff tag by going to the "Venue" tab > "My Staff" > Selecting the Staff Name and then select "Pair NFC Tag".

How to open a shift?

Upon log-in, all managers and staff are required to open shifts. For staff holding an initial balance or change fund (usually for top-up and refund stations), make sure that you input the exact amount to ensure that report will tally with the actual fund you have at the end of the day. 

How to view guestlist?

Viewing guestlist can be through the dashboard or app. Click the following links to see a detailed guide:

  • Guest List Dashboard
  • Guest List Mobile App

How to top up a wristband?

View here to see screenshots and detailed guidelines on how to top-up a wristband.

How to refund my remaining guest tag?

View here to see screenshots and detailed guidelines on how to refund remaining credits on a wristband.

How to void a transaction?

There are several types of transactions: Sale, Redeem, Top-up, and Refund. Click the following links to see a detailed guide: